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About Us And Our Mission

Welcome to our league, where we highlight communities & people within little home town. In this league we know and understand that we will have  remarkable people who have amazing stories and have over came some major events in their lives. There are many heroes in the community that set the president in what makes a small town so great. In life its about the people who make the day seem a little brighter. So one of the perfect & unique ways to ensure that the youth continue to grow and learn is through sports and competitions. Using sports to teach life lessons, to build character, to learn about team work and working together to achieve a common goal even though you might have different individual goals, is a great teaching and learning tool.

Every  League meet we host has an important role in serving the community. Our league serves more then one purpose. Our events build memories for the youth, that can be passed down from generation to generation. Build long lasting, strong relationships with coaches, parents, and athletes. Pass on knowledge and bring awareness to certain issues and highlight positive things that we as a community are doing to make the cities and communities better. They served as community building projects, a great way to bring family and local business together to support the youth.

The sole purpose of our league is to bring communities and families together to teach the younger generations. By showing them that staying healthy & having a active lifestyle is a key to maintaining a healthy body and health Mind.. That threw serving other we help make the world a little better. By believing in yourself and following your dreams you set yourself up for a lifetime of happiness. Each of our league events will provide fun and exciting atmosphere with great competitions for fans and athletes to enjoy. While also giving us a platform to teach and educate the youth, parents, and local communities. 

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