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League meets schedule 3 hours
Saturdays 9am-1pm 
Fridays 6pm-10pm outdoor season. 

Indoor events schedule 
60m 3 rounds 
Long jump
Shot put 
Pole vault 
High Jump 

Florida indoor Meet schedule preview 
9:00am 60m prelims 
9:20am 1200m 
9:35am 300m 
9:50am 60m semifinal 
10:10am 600m 
10:30am 150m
10:50am 4x400m mix 
11:15am 60m finals 

Dates & Locations
October    28 Winter park FL
November 11 Winter park FL
November 25 Winter park FL
December 09 Winter park FL
December 23 Winter park FL

Alabama Birmingham Crossplex 
Indoor Nationals Championship 
January 5 Alabama Vs The South 
January 7 

Outdoor events 
Long jump
Shot put 
High jump 
Pole vault 

Outdoor Schedule 2024 
January 13, 20
February 10, 24
March 2*, 9*, 23 30
April 6, 13* 20* 27
May 4* 25*
June 8 15 30 
July  6 13 20
August 3rd

Outdoor meet schedule preview 

9:00am 100m prelims 
9:30am 800m prelims 
9:45am 400m 
10:00am 4x200m finals 
10:30am 1500m 
10:45am 4x100m 
11:00am 4x800m finals 
11:30am 200m finals 
11:45am 800m finals 
12:00pm 4x4 relay 

Field events 
High jump
Long jump 
Shot put 
Pole vault

2022 Outdoor League Development Track Meet Schedule  

May 6 Coach M. Dewitt Thomas Alabama Vs Florida State Championship 6pm-9pm


May 13 Albert Thompson II Relay Championship


May 21  Chris Johnson K-12 & Open  State Championship


May 28 Edgar Harpe Sr Memorial Showcase


June 4 Cool Eddie Classic  6pm-9pm


June 11 Chris Williams Jamaica Vs USA Championship 


June 18 Coach Blackman Fathers Day Classic 


June 25 Mickey Grimes California Vs Florida Championship


July 2 Aaron Prime Goodman World Championship 


July 9 Robert Walker Jr International Championship  


July 12-16 "AAU Club Championship**** not part of league. 


July 15 Lakenya Harpe Relay Carnival Championship


July 23 Leila E Armed Services Championship 


July 30 Pete Hargraves Diabetic Challenge Showcase

August 6  H.N.G. Community Showcase 


August 13  Johnnie Lee Florida Independent


If you are not fit enough to run rounds please do not register for multiple events. We do not want to condense heats or change them around to ensure meet runs on time. If you do not want to advance to the next round please inform the meet referee after your prelim round. Thanks in advance.  ** All races are seeded by times 

Track meet Event Schedule 3 hour meet schedule

100m 3 rounds, everyone register goes to semi 

Top 16 advance to finals. 

Top 16 relays advance to finals 

Top 16 in 400m 200m 800m advance to finals

Field events 9 attempts total ( prelims semi, finals)

Long Jump, Shot Put, Javelin, Discuss, pole vault 


Field Events Start at 7:30am 

Pole vault 

Shot Put




Long Jump



Running Events Schedule  9am running starts 

 Entry limit 20 heat max in 100m

Women heats first followed by Men 

9:00am100m prelims 160 entries  W/M

9:20am 400m prelims 80 entries W/M

9:45am 4x100m prelims mix/W/M

10:00am 800m prelims W/M

10:15am 200m prelims W/M

10:40am1500m W/M

11:00am100m semi W/M

11:20am400m finals W/M 

11:25am4x100m finals mix /W/M

11:30am 200m Finals W/M

11:35am 800m finals W/M

11:45pm100m finals W/M

11:50pm 4x400m finals Mix/W/M

Stadium Rules 

No athletes on the infield all warm-up will be done on the grass on the outside of the stadium

No outside Food allowed in stadium 

No Tents in the stands, All tents will be place outside the stadium in the warmup area. 

Athletes and Teams Can bring a team cooler. 

League Athlete Parking Free 

Everyone else parking $5

Admission into stadium $5

Concession Stand & Food Trucks will be available 

Track League Info 

Evolution Track League. Location 

#1 Olympia High School Orlando FL

#2 Cypress Creek High School Orlando FL

#3 Canyon Springs High School Moreno Valley California 

Past Meet 

November 2018                                           Events


3rd Winter Park Florida                                  Harry Hampton Sr. Every Vote Counts- Indoor kickoff

10th Canyon Springs California                     Gus Jefferson III Veterans Day Indoor Classic 

17th Winter Park Florida                                Albert Thompson II  Indoor Tuneup 

24th Canyon Springs California                      Mickey Grimes Thanksgiving  Indoor Tune-up


December 2018                                             Events


1st Canyon Springs   California                   Marshall  Johnson M1 Indoor/ outdoor Classic

8th   Winter Park, Florida                            April Wilson Guiding Light Indoor Classic

15th Canyon Springs   California                Fred Jones Sr.  Healing Veterans  Indoor classic 

22nd Winter Park  Florida                           Johnny Lee Christmas Indoor Showcase 


January 2019                                                            Events 


5th Winter Park  Florida        ETA New year Indoor classic

14th Birmingham Alabama          Showdown at the Crossplex 2018

19th Canyon Springs  California                     Cool Eddie Indoor Classic 

26th Winter Park Florida     Edgar Harpe Sr. & Open Invite


February  2019                                                             Events 


2nd Winter Park   Florida                                     Elaine Otway Relays-  Coaches clinic 

9th Canyon Springs   California                           WRK Daily Carnival kickoff 

10th Birmingham Alabama                     TFCUSA Indoor Nationals 

23rd Winter Park  Florida                                      Rod Do Hard Thomas Military Vs The World Relays


March  2019                                                                   Events


2nd Winter Park   Florida                             Hood News Global  International Champs

9th canyon Springs   California                    Temple Builders Spring Classic

16th Winter Park, Florida                            Leila E Hampton International Relays 

23rd canyon Springs  California                  Prime Techniques Steppa Classic. 

30th  Winter Park, Florida                         Al Simmons Relays, Coaches clinic  


 April 2019                                                                      Events


6th Canyon Springs California                         Marcus Graham Spring Showcase

13th Winter Park Florida                                  Lakenya Harpe Showdown  Classic  

20th canyon Springs California                       Terica Ned-Pelt Classic

27th Winter Park Florida                                Roy Williams Paralympics  Open & Amputee Invitational


May 2019                                                                        Events 


4th Canyon Springs  California                      Gus Jefferson IV 2nd Chance Classic 

11th Winter Park Florida                               Carrie Lee Mothers Day Classic 

18th  Canyon Springs California                    Pete D Hargraves run for diabetes Relays, 

25th Winter Park Florida                             Junior Goosby Memorial Day Summer Kickoff


June 2019                                                                        Events


1st- Winter Park  Florida                                 Marcus Jones Navy Vs the world  

8th Canyon Springs  California                       Chris Williams Relays youth only. Coaches clinic  

15th Winter Park  Florida                                Blackman Ihem Father day Classic  

22nd Winter Park   Florida                             Jim Lowenstein Classic

29th Canyon Springs  California                      Mickey Grimes International Showcase  


July 2019                                                                            Events


6th Winter Park Florida                           Robert Walker Jr Pre Disney club champs relays

13th Canyon Springs California              Jamie Milk Hendon Classic 

2oth Winter Park  Florida Evolution Meet series relay championships, Coaches clinic 

27th Canyon Springs  California            Aaron H Goodman Sr. (Prime) Classic 


August  2019


3rd Winter Park Florida                      International relays championships Track meet Coaches clinic 

10th Canyon Springs  California              International Team Championships Track meet Coaches clinic

17th winter park  Florida                   Carlyon Thompson SSC Classic

24th winter Park   Florida                 Felicia Williams Back to School Showcase

*Must register for league to compete for Medals & Championships Rings not required to enter the meets just required to win the Awards. 

League member enter each meet at discount rates.  

Meets schedule subject to change due to Hurricanes, thunderstorms,

Meets mark with (**) are meets that gives outAwards & Championships Rings

League Registration Goes to Facility Rentals, Equipment rentals,Timing, Offical,  Awards.


Summer League Schedule 2022  Events dates subject to change due to weather and meet entries. 

Membership Info 

Athlete League Registration $300 

Membership rate $30 per meet

Top 3 in each event Medals

Hospitality Area For League Members

Athletic Profile on League website

League T-Shirt

League uniform & Travel Suit options 

Sponsorship Opportunities on League Uniform Through League Office

All uniforms and apparel custom made by league office


Non Member Options 

$50 per meet, no free parking, no hospitality area,

No awards, No sponsors on uniforms ,No Athlete profile on website


League Athlete Uniforms Sponsors

Sponsors on league uniforms for athletes goes through league office, and sponsorships are 100% tax deductible through league non profit Wrk Daily Inc, please contact league through email with any ? About the program. Only 8 sponsors spots available


Team Membership rate available Head Coach contact League Office.

Please understand 

****Must register for league to compete for Medals & Championships Rings not required to enter the meets just required to win the Awards. 

League member enter each meet at discount rates.  

Meets schedule subject to change due to Hurricanes, thunderstorms, Wild Fires


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